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Damp Fix - The damp proofing specialists, serving Brighton, Sussex and the South East.

Damp Proofing your home

We are specialists in Damp Proofing, Tanking, Wet and Dry Rot Treatments, Wall Tie Replacements and Masonry Care. We offer a wide range of these services and provide a variety of guarantees for all services undertaken.

Damp Problems

Damp is common problem that can be easily remedied with a little help from Damp Fix. If untreated, damp can affect the structural integrity of a building and can be a nuissance where interior decoration is concerned. If you think you may have a damp problem at your property then please get in touch and we can send someone to give you some advice and a quotation.

How we can help

We can come and meet you, look at the symptoms that led you to contact us, we can then use our experience and some testing equipment to identify the causes of the problem. Once we understand the cause we can create a plan to fix it and provide you with a free quote and schedule of works.


We use a wide range of techniques and products to remedy damp, including; injection courses, cavity membrane systems, sump pumps, specialist rendering and resin barriers. Our biggest weapon against damp is years of experience that our staff have in the building industry and the historical knowledge of period buildings and how they're constructed.

The finished product

Our attitude towards our service is 'like it never happened'. Although there is an element of disruption to the areas needing attention, we do our best to minimise inconvenience and unlike many other similar companies, our prices include any carpentry and decorating that may be needed to put you house back together. We have an excepional reputation for our finish quality that we are vigourously keen to uphold

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