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Where we began and what we are all about.

The Team

Our dedicated team are mix of builders, carpenters, plasterers, decorators, plumbers and electricians, who have all had specialist independant training in the identification of damp, methods of damp proofing, the materials we use. You may wonder why these trades are relevant to damp proofing? Well to repair damp we always come across pipes, cables, ruined skirting boards and rotten timbers which need to be taken apart and re fitted during the damp proofing process. We cover every aspect of the damp proofing service so you don't need to find any of your own tradesmen.

Where we began

From the founder, Colin Fulker
"In 2004 I was an apprentice builder and the people I was working for needed some damp proofing completed in a basement in their rental property in the Elm Grove area of Brighton. They sought quotes from local damp proofing experts and were shocked at the prices and chose to do it 'themselves', meaning me and the boss, James. So we done endless amounts of research on the various products, materials and methods of damp proofing before coming to the conculsion that we could successfully do this ourselves. We gave it a go, made some mistakes, but cuicially we made the system work. Even to this day that house has no signs of damp and we regualarly check it as our benchmark job. Since then, we damp proofed more of James's properties and got more proficiant with it each time, coming across different scenarios with every one of his houses. We eventually realised that we were very good at this".

"Between damp proofing James's houses, I was working for various building companies and eventually started Bright Interiors ltd, an all trades building service for Sussex. And it whilst working alongside damp proofing companies on site that I realised actually how proficient and good we were at the damp proofing methods and how alot of damp proofing companies only offer a one dimensional, overpriced service. Not a single damp proofing company I worked with ever provided a finished house (replacing skirting boards, decorating, replacing radiators etc..) for the prices they were charging, so Damp Fix was conceived."

"We have been operating our damp proofing service under Bright Inteiors ltd since 2010, until the demand for a quality damp proofing service got too great in 2014 where we started Damp Fix, which has grown massively through word of mouth alone".

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