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Earth retaining wall causing damp to cloakroom

Pictures show before, during and after

Before we start damp proofing.

Upon surveying the job early may 2014 we noticed that the damp areas were sporadic, this led us to believe that other damp proofing methods have been tried in this area and were failing. This little cloakroom is built in an extended part of a building believed to be about 130 years old. The damp around the window was to be expected through condensation as it is single glazed, compounding this is the fact that it doesn't get much sunlight.

During the process

Once we started to remove the render on the rear wall be found that a cementitious damp proofer like 'Vandex' had been applied but had broken away from the masonary. This can happen where the substrate is not prepared well enough for the coating to be applied. Also there were drill holes every 6 - 8 inches across the whole wall, which looks like someone had applied a chemical injection to the wall, only problem here is that the chemical injection only goes into the mortar course and will not stop water coming through the bricks, it is meant to be used as a horizontal barrier not to hold back a wall of water. The practical method here was to use a 2 phased approach with cementitious barriers and cavity drainage.

1. We got the room taken back to bare brick and used 'Vandex' to hold back as much moisture as possible.

2. We then installed the Oldroyd cavity membrane system and a gravity drain.

3. We then applied plasterboards using propriatory adhesive and plastered.

4. Decorated all affected areas and re-fitted the sanitaryware.

5. Installed a double glazed window and sealed the damp proof material to it.


The customer was very happy with our assessment and works carried out but had suffered at the hands of inadequate surveying in the past. With this work she was given our 15 Damp free guarantee, as a follow up we visited the property in june 2015, which is now rented and everything looks perfect.

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