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Laeks and Trapping

Leaks and moisture trapping can cause damp

Leaks from pipework, roofs, appliances and windows

Leaking pipwork, roofs, appliance and windows can affect a building by allowing water to saturate the masonary, plaster and timberwork of a building. When these leaks occur the moisture saturation level in the walls can be so high, that even once the leak is sorted, the building fabric can take up to a year to return to normal moisture content levels. Meaning that the decor in your house will continue to discolour and stain until it has dried.

Can we help with leaks?

We can help identify a leak and advise you who to call to repair this. Once the leak has been dealt with, we can then advise you on a method to which we can return your property back to the way it should be. We can undertake all damp proofing work and all decorative finishes.

What is Trapping?

Trapping is where water from former leaks has got into the masonary of a building can't escape. This usually occurs where the outside of the building is painted and the inside walls are redecorated following a leak. It is common for decorators to recommend using 'stain block', or oil based paints on walls in order to cover up discoloured paintwork and peeling wallpaper. This prevents the walls from ventilating, in order to eradicate the water the wall needs access to air. What can therefore happen is that the moisture will find another way out either by tracking across a ceiling or finding a part of the wall that has not been redecorated.

Can we help with Trapping?

Simply put, yes. Rather than using 'stain block', oil based paints or vinyl wall coverings, we can offer a system that will allow the wall to breath without affecting the interior decor and without the need of affecting the exterior of a property. If you have had difficulty with decoration after a leak then please get in touch with us.

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