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Penetrating Damp

What is Penetrating Damp? How can you fix it?

Safeguard, the UK's leading damp proofing materials manufacturer explains all.

Penetrating damp can often be confused with rising damp as the symptoms can often be similar. Penetrating damp permeates through the brickwork and evaporates internally where the walls are warmer, causing damage and discolouration to decor. Furthermore, moisture retention within the masonary can lead to the decay of the brickwork, mortar joints and any adjoining timber. Occasionally this decay can cause structural issues. Please give us a call if you think you may have evidence of any form of damp and we can visit your property, assess the issues and give you some advice on how it can be fixed.

Bricks and mortar act as a sponge for rain water.

The pourous brickwork and mortar on a property can retain rainwater. In addition it can take from a few months to years to completely dry out. Applying Stormdry to the surface of the masonry can prevent penetration and allow the wall to breath normally. The interior decor can be remedied by a cavity membrane system to allow the walls to breath and not affect the decor.

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