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Wall Ties

What are Wall Ties? Why do they need replacing?

Structural needs

Wall Ties are pieces of metal that connect the inner leaf of the building with the outer leaf, allowing a cavity to prevent damp but keeping the buildings bricks all connected. When buildings were constructed they were not designed to be faultless for hundreds of years, so over time the ferrous metal wall ties can rust and decay. When metal rusts it expands causing the mortar that they are bedded in with to break apart. When this happens the building can suffer with movement, cracking and lateral water penetration which leads to damp problems within a building. In serious cases, corroded wall ties have brought buildings to collapse.

Removal of Wall Ties

Replacing wall ties is a fairly simple task. Using a specialist metal detector we find them and mark them out on the wall, drill them out using a mortar rake and pull them out individually. We then repair the mortar where the ties have been extracted and move on with a replacement. For every tie we remove, we replace with a new, stainless steel brick tie. We target the brick rather than the mortar joint as we can guarantee the security that the fixing will acheive.

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